GreenMediaHD is a Cloud Content delivery solution for Call Centers, Advertising, Fundraising, Sustainable Green Annunciation, our system can be customized to the most demanding professional operation.

GMHDCorp, allows displaying in High Definition and real time: Graphics, Videos, Video Streaming, Energy Monitoring, Sustainable Results and others, in a HD TV. The user can modify the content from his smart phone, MAC or PC.

Use the power of the cloud to deliver digital content dynamically to remote locations.

We deliver your content to a GMHD.7D Mini-PC Android Device that is connected to the display and houses the Digital Content that is updated every hour by a request from the GMHD.7D device to insure a high level of security and crystal HD definition. Unlimited number of screens, up to 6 distinct messages on the ticker and a variety of screen formats to choose from

Create all kinds of screen content easily, and show them quickly anywhere in the world with more easy.

The Configuration Menu Provide a direct selection to Cloud Content add/delete/edit, modify the sequences of the content display, define Play out programs that will execute by time schedule and calendar, edit messages, enter sounds files that play in background while the play list is showing, configure the tags that popup in the screen every time the user touch the screen surface, define holidays, and time schedules to save energy and reduce screen burnout in unattended remote sites and many others features

Friendly interface make possible upload the screen contents in minutes.

The Cloud Content Editing Option configures, modifies, and uploads a set of WEB Site access, images, videos, Stream Videos URL, Restaurant menu list, SD memory local videos, weather, site locations, and geo-positioning information for Digital Media to show in the Play out for each product, service or item.

Create Play List sequences to display Digital cloud content with different preprogrammed templates, Route and control media delivery in the network, from the cloud.

Select from 12 pre-programmed templates to display the Digital content, the user can setup all screens to form a playlist sequences. Each sequence has a different content to show from different media such as Real Time Energy consumption Graphical display, Announcements Images (PNG, JPG format), Commercial Block, Announcements Video, SD Card Videos, IPTV, Video Streaming, Announcement Web Page, Call Center Times, and many others.

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